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AVENGERS (1963 1st Series) #272

Pub. Date: OCT. 1986

Condition: VF+ (Very Fine Plus) (8.0)

Avengers/Alpha Flight Crossover: Part 1 of 3 – “Assault on Atlantis” Guest-starring Alpha Flight. Script by Roger Stern. Art by John Buscema (breakdowns) and Tom Palmer (finishes). Cover by John Buscema and Tom Palmer. Story continues from Alpha Flight 39 (part 1). Attuma rules Atlantis! And with a special prisoner under his control…Marrina! The Sub-Mariner tried to overthrow Attuma earlier and failed. So now the Avenging Son has called upon his mighty friends to help! In the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes attack Attuma’s legions! After defeating the first wave of defenders and linking up with Alpha Flight, total victory appears close at hand! The battle ends after Prince Namor pummels Attuma and Northstar frees Marrina! Everyone should be happy, but tragically something changed inside of Marrina during her captivity. And as a result more adversity lies ahead for the Prince of Atlantis! (Note: The Sub-Mariner’s pursuit of Marrina continues in Alpha Flight 40.) 32 pages Cover price $0.75.

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