Where Monsters Dwell (1970) #7 Jack Kirby

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Where Monsters Dwell (Marvel 1970) #7

Pub. Date: Jan. 1971

Condition: VF/NM (Very Fine/Near Mint)

Cover pencils by Jack Kirby and Marie Severin (re-touches), inks by Dick Ayers and Marie Severin (re-touches). Rommbu!, pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Dick Ayers; An escaped geologist convicted of armed robbery leads an alien invader to an active volcano in order to sacrifice himself to destroy the alien and protect the planet. The Terrible Trap!, art by Steve Ditko; A hunter with contempt for the animals he captures is captured by giant aliens and placed in a maze from which he can see a rocket ship he could use to pilot his way home if only he could figure out how to escape the maze. The Thing With Red Eyes, art by Don Heck; A gangster buys a pincushion doll that looks like his rival, and his reactions to pins stuck in it convince him that it works. He throws the doll out the window of a tall building, but his rival has altered the doll to look like him instead. All reprints. 36 pgs. Cover price $0.15.

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