Web of Spider-Man (1985 1st Series) Annual #2

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Pub. Date: 1986

Condition: VF/NM (Very Fine/Near Mint)

“Wake Me Up I Gotta Be Dreaming” Guest-starring Warlock. Story by Ann Nocenti. Art by Arthur Adams. Painted cover by Charles Vess. Warlock, the cybernetic alien member of the New Mutants, decides to visit New York City in search of fun and adventure. However, Warlock runs into misguided scientists that like to perform experiments on living animals and organisms. When the scientists’ experimentation on Warlock goes awry, the cybernetic alien goes berserk; and it’s up to Spider-Man to stop him! Cameo appearance by the New Mutants (Cannonball, Cypher, Magik, Magma, Moonstar, Wolfsbane). Back up story: “You’re Lying, Peter Parker!” Story by Ann Nocenti. Art by Mike Mignola and Geof Isherwood. Peter has a nightmare that features Aunt May, the Kingpin, the Hobgoblin, and other friends and foes. 48 pages Cover price $1.25.

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