UNCANNY X-MEN 1996 (1963 1st Series) ANNUAL – VF

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Uncanny X-Men (1963 1st Series) Annual #20

Pub. Date: 1996

Condition: VF (Very Fine)

Wraparound Cover by Art Thibert. Written by Howard Mackie, Terry Kavanagh and Robert Piotrowski. Art by David Perrin, Nick Gnazzo, Bryan Hitch, Art Thibert, Harry Candelario and Paul Neary. SPOILER alert — Shard sets up a meeting with her big brother, Bishop, to try and reconcile with her sibling. Bishop tries to come to grips with the fact that his dead sister is a hologram. In the midst of this touching family drama, Operation Zero Tolerance sends a Hound to capture the gauntlet that allows Shard to exist. The X-Folk come to the rescue and in the mayhem, Shard becomes an independent entity, not requiring any equipment to exist, in “Destiny’s Child” by Howard Mackie, Terry Kavanagh, David Perrin, Nick Gnazzo, Art Thibert and Harry Candelario. Characters in this story: X-Men [Storm; Bishop]; GUESTS: Shard; Wildchild; Preacher; VILLAINS: Hound; Dr. Stephens; Bastion; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Hancock; Colossus; Sentinels; X.S.E.; CAMEOS: Onslaught; Cyclops; Jean Grey; Captain America; The Thing; Iron Man (all as future events teaser). Also in this issue: “X-Men Timelines” character profiles of Gambit, Jean Grey [Phoenix], Iceman and Banshee, consisting of four two-page spreads using previously published clip art and original art to tell the history of individual X-Men. 64 pages, full color. Cover price $2.95.

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