Tomb of Darkness (1974) #17

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Tomb of Darkness #17

Pub. Date: Nov. 1975

Condition: VG (Very Good)

Cover by Ron Wilson. All reprints. “Find a Pin and Pick It Up!” with art by Joe Sinnott (from Uncanny Tales 14); A man fashions a voodoo doll to kill his partner and winds up killing himself. “There’s No Tomorrow” with art by Bob Powell (from Astonishing 48); A pirate captures a gypsy scow and a gypsy foretells that the captain’s experience tomorrow will be to be stuck in a gale and arrested by the Spanish army. “The Secret Beyond Belief” with art by George Woodbridge; A scientist invents a rejuvenation process and a fellow scientist wants him to share it with the world, but the man refuses because the creative people who have gone through the process are no longer productive as they have all the time in the world to perfect their craft but never finish anything. “The Assassin!” with art by Vince Colletta. (from Marvel Tales 129); Josef Silov is sent on a secret mission by his Communist masters but it ends in his arrest and disgrace. Ad for MGM’S Marvelous Wizard of Oz (Marvel / DC, 1975 series) #1, art by John Romita. The Incredible Hulk and the Twins of Evil! Hostess Fruit Pies ad, art by John Romita. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.25

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