Tomb of Darkness (1974) #14 UK!

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Tomb of Darkness #14 UK!

Pub. Date: May. 1975

Condition: VF+ (Very Fine Plus)

Distributed in the United Kingdom (England). Exact copy of American edition except for cover price. Cover by Gil Kane and Tom Palmer. All reprints. “Vampire” (from Marvel Tales 100); A man awaiting execution recalls how he killed his brother, who had been bitten by a vampire, to save him from becoming a vampire. “The Trap” with script by Carl Wessler, art by Manny Stallman (from Strange Tales 5); When a man’s plane explodes he is thrown into the future to view his act of killing his new boss and then being executed.”Wish You Were Here!” with art by Ed Winiarski (from Marvel Tales 159); An artist with a poor memory for details comes across an old man who designs greeting cards with magic ink that makes what is drawn there actually occur. “The Strange Power of Mr. Dunn!” with art by John Romita (from Astonishing 57); A man tests his cell growth formula on himself so that he can be an attraction in his friend’s failing carnival. Hostess Fruit Pies ad with Spider-Man, art by Ross Andru and Mike Esposito. 36 pgs. Cover price 9p.

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