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Pub. Date: NOV. 1973

Condition: FN+ (Fine pLUS)

“The Bite of the Blood Brothers!” Guest-starring the Thing and Iron Man. Script by Mike Friedrich. Pencils by Jim Starlin. Inks by Joe Sinnott. Cover by Jim Starlin and John Romita. Ben Grimm is stranded in the Arizona desert after his battle against the Leader last issue! And looking for anyone or anything that can help him return home! In a stroke of luck, the golden avenger streaks overhead! But Shell-Head doesn’t stop for Ben, he flies on to an abandoned military base! In a matter of minutes though, Iron Man will regret not stopping to pick up the strongest member of the Fantastic Four! Because far across the universe on Titan, Thanos commands the Blood Brothers to ambush the golden avenger! And just like that…the twin galactic vampires pounce on the unsuspecting Shell-Head! Fortunately for Tony Stark’s alter-ego, the Thing eventually reaches Thanos’ old base…and the rock’em sock’em battle erupts! The Invincible Iron Man and the blue-eyed idol of millions vs. the savage Blood Brothers! It’s clobberin’ time! Cameo appearances by Eros, Mentor, and Death. Flashback cameos by Drax the Destroyer and the Controller. (Notes: This issue is part of the classic Thanos storyline that ran though Captain Marvel 25-33. From a continuity standpoint, this story fits in and around Captain Marvel 30. The Blood Brothers previously appeared in the landmark Iron Man 55. The bloodthirsty brothers return in Iron Man 88. The Avengers visit Thanos’ Arizona installation years later in Avengers 252. This is the final issue of the Marvel Feature 1st series. The letters page indicates that there was going to be a 13th issue featuring the Thing and the Man-Thing, but that story actually became the 1st issue of the Marvel Two-in-One series. This issue was reprinted in the Life of Captain Marvel limited series published in 1985.) 32 pages Cover price $0.20.

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