Fantastic Four (1961 1st Series) #179

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Pub. Date: Feb. 1977

Condition: VF- (Very Fine Minus)

“A Robinson Crusoe in the Negative Zone!” Guest-starring Tigra and Thundra. Plot by Gerry Conway. Script by Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas. Art by Ron Wilson (breakdowns) and Joe Sinnott (finishes). Cover by Al Milgrom and Joe Sinnott. Near the end of last issue’s fabulous fight, the Reed Richards of Counter-Earth threw Mr. Fantastic into the Negative Zone and (unbeknownst to Sue, Ben, and Johnny) assumed the leadership role of the FF! Will Sue realize that something is wrong with her husband? Meanwhile, Reed floats helplessly in the Negative Zone fearing an attack from a long-time Negative Zone nemesis. Also in this issue, the Metalloid interrupts the Thing and Tigra’s dinner, and the battle is on! Cameo appearances by the Impossible Man, Annihilus, Lindsay Wagner (the bionic woman), and Humphrey Bogart. 32 pages Cover price $0.30.

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