Creatures on the Loose (1971) #12

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Pub. date: Jul 1971

Condition: VF+ (Very Fine+)

Written by Alan Hewetson. Art by Syd Shores. Cover by Jack Kirby, Marie Severin, and Dick Ayers. New story: “Master and Slave!!”; Igor is pushed to the breaking point by the incessant demands of Dr. Frankenstein. In the ensuing argument, Dr. Frankenstein has a heart attack and dies; Later, lonely Igor decides to complete his master’s experiment and bring the monster to life so that he will now have a servant to order around, but things do not work out as planned. Art by Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers. Reprint: “I Was Captured by Korilla!” A cab driver uncovers an alien plotting an invasion of Earth. The police wont believe him, but he foils the invasion on his own and the aliens are killed by their masters for their failure. 36 pages, full color. Cover price $0.15.

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