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Pub. Date: Oct. 1986

Condition: NM (Near Mint)

“When Warriors Clash!” Part 2 of 2. Guest-starring Silver Sable. Script by Tom DeFalco. Art by Ron Frenz (layouts) and Brett Breeding (pencils/inks). Cover by Ron Frenz and Joe Rubinstein. Silver Sable and the web-slinger are in deep trouble after the Sinister Syndicate drops a roller coaster on top of them! The duo desperately needs help to even the odds in their Coney Island clash! Could a former member of the Frightful Four be their salvation? Enter the Sandman! And let the battle begin anew! Meanwhile in Manhattan, the Hobgoblin and Jack O’Lantern duel in the sky for the life (or death) of Flash Thompson! A great action issue! Cameo appearances by J. Jonah Jameson, Joe Robertson, and the Rose. (Notes: The Sinister Syndicate will challenge the wall-crawler again in the Deadly Foes of Spider-Man (1991) Limited Series. This issue includes a full-page ad for the Classic X-Men (1986) series with art by Arthur Adams. This two-part story was reprinted in the 2006 trade paperback: Spider-Man vs. Silver Sable. This issue was reprinted in Marvel Tales 289.) 32 pages Cover price $0.75.

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